Demo Versions

Demo versions of Sign Wizard 7 and Neon Wizard 6.5 are available by filling out the short registration form below. See additional information about the demos below.

If you're interested in LED Wizard 7, we offer a comprehensive and personalized demo over the web.

PLEASE NOTE: LED Wizard 7 is NOT a component of Sign Wizard 7 or Neon Wizard 6.5, although the same dongle can run both LED Wizard 7 and Sign Wizard and Neon Wizard.

LED Wizard 7 is now a stand alone software package.

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The Version 7 Upgrade Guide details the new features in Version 7.

The demo versions are the same as the purchased software, except you cannot save files, cut/copy to the clipboard, export files, print or plot without an X overlaid, or use Send to RIP.


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