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The Industry’s Leading Software
For Creating LED Channel Letter
And Sign Cabinet Layouts

LED Wizard 7.1 is an update to our industry-leading software for laying out LEDs in channel letters and sign cabinets. It enables you to quickly create a complete and accurate LED layout that you can use for both an estimate and actual production of the job.

The original LED Wizard 7 was a major upgrade to previous versions of the software, with the new PowerFlow technology enabling higher levels of productivity. You can now go from an imported file to a finished design faster than ever before. And with more design capabilities, your layouts will be more complete, more customized, and more professional.

What’s New in LED Wizard 7.1

Supplier Edition

Specifically for LED suppliers that are supported in the software, the Supplier Edition enables the addition and editing of LED module and power supply data.  Please see the Supplier Edition page for more information.

Free Webinar: LED Wizard 7 Overview and Demo

Check out the new LED Wizard 7 in action! We recorded a webinar that provides an overview of the software and a live demo of the complete workflow on a sample job. This 45 minute webinar shows you how LED Wizard 7 can save you time and win you more business by going step-by-step through the “BOUTIQUE” file. This job includes 36” serif channel letters, populated with single and double runs, 18” channel letters, populated with a single centerline “mini” module, and two sign cabinets, populated with the new “Hybrid” layout option. We have also provided the finished PDF file that was created during the actual webinar, including loaded power supplies, summary statistics, and title block integration.

Right click to download the webinar in MP4 format. You may need to install Apple Quicktime to watch it.

LED Wizard 7: Take the Tour!

To demonstrate the workflow of a typical job in LED Wizard 7, we have created six short but detailed narrated videos on each step, using this "Coffee Shop" layout as the example.

The basic workflow of LED Wizard 7 is as follows:

  • Import standard format design file
  • Auto Populate with LED modules, using density guidelines
  • Fine tune layout with PowerFlow editing tools
  • Insert, position, and load power supplies
  • Create and position summary statistics
  • Merge with title block template and export finished layout.

Take the Tour!

Take the Tour! –»

Sample LED Layouts

To give you a good idea of what finished layouts look like, we have made some sample layouts that you can view in both jpg and PDF formats. By necessity, these are "generic" layouts using our fictitious "XYZ" LED supplier modules, but they do show a variety of layout options.

Check out the sample layouts! –»




LED Wizard 7 Features and Benefits

LED Wizard 7 has a rich set of features and capabilities for creating LED layouts.

View the LED Wizard 7 Feature List –»

At a higher level, what are the benefits for adding LED Wizard 7 to your shop?

View the LED Wizard 7 Benefits –»

Custom Module

LED Wizard 7 Overview

Built from the ground up specifically for the sign industry, LED Wizard 7 is focused on the task of creating LED layouts for channel letters. No other method, software program, or combination of software programs can do this job faster, more accurately, and more completely than LED Wizard 7.

  • Cleanly lay out LED modules using automatic population tools in a wide variety of letter styles and sizes, including thick/thin strokes, square serifs, and very large letters.
  • New PowerFlow technology enables fast and direct editing of individual modules and selections of modules to fine-tune module positioning, rotation, and density.
  • Provide industry-specific finishing touches, including loaded power supplies, summary statistics for each letter plus the entire job, and merge with your standard title block template.
  • Work with other design programs by importing and exporting standard file formats, including PDF, AI, EPS, and DXF.
Completed LED Layout

Here is an example of a completed LED layout. Key elements of the layout include the following:

  • Precise module positioning for even light dispersion.
  • Display of light density per letter.
  • Loaded power supplies with number of modules and percentage.
  • Statistics per letter showing number of modules, watts, and density.
  • Summary statistics for the entire job showing total modules, watts, and power supplies.
  • Dimensions of the letter heights.

Which LED Suppliers are supported in the software?

Aries Graphics currently has about 50 LED suppliers from around the world supported in the software. We work with these partners to ensure that their modules, density guidelines, and power supplies are current in our system. This means that you have choices in the modules you choose, and you can be confident that you have accurate, current data for your layouts.

View the list of our LED supplier partners–»


LED Wizard 7.1 Documentation

In addition to the standard online documentation that comes with the program, we have written a detailed workflow guide that walks you through using the software. We ship this as a hard copy with every program, and you can download it here as a PDF (10MB file).

View/Download "Using LED Wizard 7.1: A Detailed Workflow Guide–»



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